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My Hip Replacement Journey Part 3: Initial Diagnosis and Decision

In my last post, the pain, weakness and lack of mobility in my hip wasn’t getting better. In fact, it was continuing to slowly get worse, as much as I didn’t want to admit it to myself. 

In October 2023, I went to Sardinia to play in a 4-day beach ultimate tournament. It was a dream come true, but it was difficult to play b/c of my hip. I could mask the pain for only so long with NSAIDs, and even then, I still was effectively running on one leg. 

When I got back was when I decided to take Dr. Marie’s advice and consult an orthopedist.

I went to Kaiser orthopedics in November 2023 to meet with a surgeon. It didn’t take him long to recommend surgery. Maybe that’s not a surprise – he’s a surgeon, after all. But my x-ray did show significant degeneration in the joint. The official diagnosis: “severe osteoarthritis of the left hip”. And the recommendation was for a total hip replacement. Due to the severity of the degeneration, there were no half measures. My choices were to continue to do what I was doing or get the surgery.

I decided NOT to go ahead with surgery. I wasn’t ready emotionally or psychologically. I wanted to make one last ditch effort to solve these issues with strengthening, stretching, and nervous system support. At the same time, to prepare myself, I started doing research into hip replacements, and talking with people who had the procedure done.

In my next post I’ll talk about the measures I took to try to stave off surgery, and my journey towards acceptance.

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