Relieve Pain by Addressing 3 Key Factors

Our understanding of the body, brain and nervous system is constantly evolving. The same is true of pain. It was only three years ago that the International Association for the Study of Pain revised the definition of pain for the first time in 40 years.

We now know that when someone experiences pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is always tissue damage. And in some cases, a person with tissue damage doesn’t always feel pain.

What’s up with that?

Well, more and more research is supporting the idea that pain is not just about what’s happening in your muscles, bones, nerves, etc. (biological factors). It also depends on your thoughts and feelings (psychological factors), as well as your relationships with family and friends, work environment, socio-economic status, etc (social factors).

When you’re experiencing pain, you (and your trainer, or other health care provider) need to address all three of these factors if you want to get back to moving with freedom and ease. As a brain-based personal trainer, I can help you not only work on issues in your body and nervous system, I’ll also help you determine who else you might need to bring in to address psychological and/or social factors.

If you have chronic pain, or an injury that doesn’t seem to heal even after months or years, find out how a brain-based training and a biopsychosocial approach might be helpful for you.

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