Tap Into Your Sixth Sense to Increase Strength, Mobility and Balance

Did you know that you have a sixth sense? No it’s not ESP, or the ability to “see dead people”, it’s your vestibular system!

Your vestibular system’s main job is to help orient you to gravity so you don’t fall over. Which is a fancy way of saying your balance.

As a personal trainer, I want my clients to improve their balance, because balance has been shown to be a key predictor of longer, healthier lives (source:

As a brain-based personal trainer, I know that the vestibular system interacts with other areas of your brain to help keep you upright, and if it’s not functioning well it can impact a lot more than just balance. Neck pain, headaches, chronic low back pain, chronic muscle weakness, tinnitus, motion sickness, and even anxiety/dislike of large crowds can be caused by a poorly functioning vestibular system.

The good news is that training your vestibular system doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and is relatively simple.

If you’d like to learn how improving your vestibular system function could help you balance, move, and feel better, schedule a free 15 minute phone or video call by clicking below

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